CBS Evening News

Giving hospital-bound kids space to invent

Daelyn, who usually takes less than 300 steps a day at the hospital, takes more than 1,500 when the Makerspace is in her room.

Fast Company

How Can Maker Culture Help The Health Care Industry?

A Cannes Lions Health panel talks about the product, software, education, and emotional benefits a maker mentality could have in health care.

White House

White House honors Peabody graduate student for mobile Makerspace

At a White House briefing, Krishnan spoke about his vision for his research, which he calls “Maker Therapy.”

NPR All Things Considered

'Maker Space' Allows Kids To Innovate, Learn In The Hospital  

"I think that the cart is an amazing thing," Neblett says. "It made my hospital stay the best hospital stay I've ever had."                      

Vanderbilt Medical Center

Mobile ‘Makerspace’ provides patients tools to create, inspire

Physicians and nurses welcome the cart as a learning opportunity and creative outlet for patients to express themselves. 


3D Printing Finding Medical Applications in Middle Tennessee

"It gives me something to get out off bed and look forward to" - Emily Neblett, 18 y/0 Cystic Fibrosis patient


Mobile Makerspace sparks imaginations at Vanderbilt children’s hospital

The Makerspace aims to stimulate patients’ minds and help them cope with the solitude they sometimes deal with because of long hospital stays.

A2A Alliance

Daelyn James: Inventor, supporter and speaker for chronically ill children

Thanks to Maker Therapy, Daelyn created a device that helps others battling cystic fibrosis clean their frequently used nebulizers.