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Dr. Phuong Diane Nguyen

  • Nevada
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Dr. Phuong Diane Nguyen is an experienced therapist who has been counseling clients for over 18 years. She understands that feeling overwhelmed or stuck can be signs that it’s time for change in your life. Dr. Nguyen believes that just like seasons change, our lives change too, and it’s important to evolve boldly with life’s challenges and opportunities. She is here to encourage and support you on your journey of redefining your life’s goals, exploring new horizons and relationships, and finding a sense of meaning, peace, and answers to past events. With her expertise in neuropsychology and a mind, body, and spiritual approach to treatments, Dr. Nguyen can help alleviate or resolve depression and anxiety, leading to an enriched lifestyle and a brighter future. Additionally, her training in forensic psychology allows her to take an astute and integrative approach to issues of abuse, neglect, and self-love. Dr. Nguyen looks forward to helping you develop strong coping skills, foster healthy relationships, and challenge any unhealthy behaviors or negative outlooks, so you can experience peace and joy in all seasons of life.

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18 years

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License: LMFT


License number: MFT#01318

Expires at 2024-01-01



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