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Dr. Linda Anngela-Cole

  • Nevada
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About Dr. Linda Anngela-Cole's service

Dr. Linda Anngela-Cole is a licensed therapist with 14 years of professional work experience in Nevada. She specializes in helping clients of all ages cope with anxiety and depression, trauma, grief and loss, and navigating stressful life experiences. With a focus on improving communication skills and interpersonal relationships, Dr. Anngela-Cole has dedicated much of her career to working with individuals at the end of life through her hospice work. She has received specialized training and has developed skills in assisting clients with severe illness and disability, caregiving, and bereavement. Additionally, she has extensive experience working with teenagers and young adults dealing with trauma. Dr. Anngela-Cole particularly enjoys working with individuals going through transitions such as divorce, health-related changes, job loss, and age-related transitions following a death in the family. She strives to create a safe and open environment where clients can freely express their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment. Taking the first step towards a more fulfilling and happier life requires courage, and Dr. Anngela-Cole is dedicated to providing the support needed throughout that journey.

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14 years

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NV LCSW 6703-C

License: LCSW


License number: 6703-C

Expires at 2024-06-30



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