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Dr. Martha Groble

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I have been working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Ph.D. in counseling in a psychiatrist (husband) office for 25 years. We closed the practice two years ago due to his illness. Now I want to provide mental health services especially with all the crises of 2020. I have been working in the medical community many years managing his practice then getting qualified to work directly with patients/clients. I have offered considerable PTSD and vocational services with a VA contract in the 1990s and with Veterans Choice since. I did an internship at the local MCC and although I am straight Iam respected in the LGBTQ+ community I have served. I wrote my dissertation and have since published a book on the process and efficacy of internet counseling. It was a double blind study when opportunities for this style of counseling were in their infancy but are still relevant. Throughout my office career I offered video counseling and live chat opportunities. I have worked with a range of traditional psychiatric diseases and disorders to help modify behavior and increase effectiveness of medical treatment provided in the office.

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25 years

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License: LMHC


License number: MH2809

Expires at 2025-03-31



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