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Dr. Richard Wade Arnold

  • North Carolina
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Dr. Richard Wade Arnold, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Florida, is a highly qualified therapist with a wealth of experience in the field of counseling. He holds an impressive educational background, including an MS in Counselor Education from Mississippi State University, an MDiv in Theology from Baylor University, and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida. Dr. Arnold’s approach to psychotherapy is rooted in an integrated, pragmatic perspective, drawing on various counseling theories but primarily focusing on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and time-limited dynamic psychotherapy (TLDP). By utilizing these theories, Dr. Arnold aims to help individuals and couples understand and address their issues in cognitive and interpersonal terms. He believes that our interpretations of events shape our emotional and behavioral responses, and that changing these interpretations can lead to positive changes in our emotions and behavior. Additionally, Dr. Arnold recognizes that problems in living often stem from maladaptive interpersonal patterns. He emphasizes the importance of perceiving ourselves and others accurately, as well as examining the ways in which our expectations and interactions shape our self-concept and behavior. With a focus on anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, and a Christian worldview, Dr. Arnold is particularly skilled at helping clients in these

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North Carolina

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12 years

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FL Psychologist PY8422

License: Psychologist


License number: PY8422

Expires at 2024-05-31



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